Sunday, September 2, 2007


Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Ok, I know it’s a cheesy song lyric but, somehow appropriate. I’ve now arrived in southern Europe and have had a whirl wind trip so far. The flight was relatively uneventful (an hour and a half delay out of Philadelphia) and finding my way to downtown Lisboa was very easy. A few hours later and I managed to find a little (very little) room at the Luar Guest House, in Bairro Alto, to call my own.

Free of the pack it was off to a lunch of ham and mushrooms followed by a wonderful plate of grilled octopus. It is so nice to be by the water. After that it was back to the room to grab the map and camera, which resulted in a nap that lasted until just before sunset. No worries as I was up in time to investigate a bit of the city before dinner time, and more fantastic seafood. The next day I managed to make it up in time to wander around a bit before it got too hot. The heat alone would not be so bad but, when you add in the hills and the direct sun you understand the rationale for a siesta.

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The next morning I was off to the train station to grab my ticked to Salamanca, Spain. As I was still adjusting to the new ways of life I decided to not to wander too far from the station before my train departed in the afternoon. Luckily for me the train station is located on the Rio Tejo where there is a nice path by the beach and the opportunity to see some of the local color in the shops and restaurants.

I am now in Salamanca and learning my way around this fine city of golden filigree sandstone and scholars (the kids party hard at night). It is now late so I will say buenas noches until I can update you more on this lovely town.


Iceman9294 said...

Sweet pad. simple. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Jen said...


It was nice to hear how your trip is going but you are making us who actually have to work jealous!!!